Luke Ferguson

Youth support worker at The Woden School

ACT State recipient Local Hero 2022

At The Woden School – a Canberra high school catering to the functional needs of students with disabilities – Luke Ferguson empowers young people with disability to increase their independence, achieve their goals, and engage with the wider community.

In 2019, Luke established Party Down Productions, an inclusive school-wide music program that engages students in all aspects of event planning. This includes teaching them to use Photoshop to make posters, set playlists and perform as DJs.

Helped by the students at The Woden School, Luke co-wrote and produced the music video 'Labels Don't Define Us' – a song about accepting diversity. The video went viral with more than 120,000 views and was shared by the United Nations on their Social Development Network website.

Through the program, Luke helps to break down barriers, remove stigma and enhance the self-esteem of young people with disability, by shifting the focus to their innate ability to spark joy in the lives of those around them.