Kendall Whyte

Founder and CEO of the Blue Tree project

WA State recipient Young Australian of the Year 2022

Kendall Whyte is the founder and CEO of Blue Tree Project, a grass-roots charity making an impact across Australia. Its mission is to help spark difficult conversations and break down the stigma of mental health, by giving dead trees ‘a blue lease on life’. 

The Blue Tree Project is inspired by the tragic loss of Kendall’s brother, Jayden, after taking his own life in 2018. The blue tree that was once painted as a practical joke now acts as a beacon of hope for those struggling, with over 700 trees now painted across Australia and the world.

Within just two years, the Blue Tree Project has helped facilitate better understanding of mental health, while providing free education seminars and creating engaging community events within regional Western Australia. 

Kendall’s work is helping spread the message that “it’s ok to not be ok”. By speaking openly and authentically, she’s helping break down the fear of judgement that stops people seeking help for mental illness.