Dr Graeme Stevenson

Landcare activist

TAS State recipient Senior Australian of the Year 2020

Dr Graeme Stevenson has been promoting healthy soils in Tasmania for over 30 years, in particular the role of dung beetles and earthworms in soil management. Since 1993, he has been a passionate advocate and volunteer for Landcare Tasmania, a movement that brings individuals and groups together to improve the health of natural and working landscapes.

Using his knowledge about conservation, Graeme has initiated and managed 27 projects along the coastline, including willow removal, riverside fencing, and managing soil slippage. He also helps write funding applications for new projects, and has attracted almost $1.5 million in grants, predominantly for on-ground works.

With 20 years of applied research into organic agriculture and sustainable farming, Graeme works with farmers as a soil assessor and agronomy consultant, and has written a number of books showcasing his expertise. As well as his volunteer work, he presents his soil knowledge to school children as alter ego Dr Spluttergrunt.